2015 GSA Gala

Hello fellow Pegasi! The GSA Gala is coming up (this weekend) and we hope to see you there. Here’s the info courtesy of GSA VP External:

Please Join us at the 3rd Annual Graduate Awards Gala to be held on March 7, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel-Saskatoon. It will be a night of celebrating Graduate Student Achievements, getting inspired by our Keynote Speaker Dr. Monique Haakensen and lots of fun with:

  • 9 awards
  • 4 graduate student performances
  • A Photo Booth
  • up to 20 Door Prizes

Cocktails at: 5:30 PM
Awards & Dinner at: 6:30 PM
Dance at: 10:00 PM
Ticket Price: $25

Tickets are available at the GSA Office.

Payment can be made with Cash or Debit.
For more information, please contact the GSA at 306-966-8471. For updates, please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/1423370224621973

2014-2015 PEGASUS AGM

This year the PEGASUS annual general meeting (AGM) will be in March. Please accept the following invitation to the PEGASUS AGM after the seminar on Tuesday, March 3rd. 2015.

Pizza and refreshments will be served (including gluten free and vegetarian pizza). Come out, meet the executive, and discuss any concerns on your mind.

All the best,
-The PEGASUS Executive Team

What: Annual General Meeting
When: March 3rd, 2015, 5:00 pm
Where: Physics 175

Please join PEGASUS for its annual general meeting. Come out, meet the executive, and bring forth your questions, complaints, and suggestions. We look forward to having you there — every bit of input and feedback helps us better represent our members.
Pizza and refreshments will be available.

Library Graduate Workshops

The University Learning Centre is hosting many graduate student targeted workshops in January. Be sure to check these out and register at http://www.usask.ca/ulc/workshops.

  • Wednesday Jan 14th, 3:30-5:00, Style in Scientific Writing, with Professor Ron Cooley, Arts 241
  • Friday Jan 16th, 12:30-1:20Time Management for Graduate Students, 102 Murray
  • Friday Jan 16th, 1:30-2:20Poster Presentations, 102 Murray
  • Friday Jan 16th, 3:30-4:20Stress Management in Grad School, 102 Murray
  • Wednesday Jan 21st, 11:30-12:20How to Apply for a Master’s Program, G3 Murray
  • Friday Jan 23rd, 1:30-2:20Endnote, 102 Murray
  • Friday Jan 23rd, 3:00-3:50, Effective Criticism, G3 Murray
  • Friday Jan 23rd, 3:30-5:00Thesis and Dissertation Proposals, with Professor Ron Cooley, Arts 241
  • Wednesday Jan 28th, 1:30-2:20Extra-curricular Winter Activities in Saskatoon, CLL Murray
  • Friday Jan 30th, 2:00-2:50, Procrastination in Grad School, G3 Murray

There are also many Researcher Series sessions happening this semester. All classes are from *12:00 PM – 1:00 PM*, are free. For more information see this webpage http://libguides.usask.ca/LibraryResearcherSeries.

  • Jan 20 – Why and How to Do a Comprehensive Literature Review Part A – Room 161, Murray Library
  • Jan 22 – Why and How to Do a Comprehensive Literature Review Part B – Room 161, Murray Library
  • Jan 27 – Citation Manager Overview: Which one is right for you? – Room 145, Murray Library
  • Jan 29 – Beware of Predatory Publishers! –  Room 102, Murray Library
  • Feb 3 – EndNote Web – Room 161, Murray Library
  • Feb 5 – Keeping Current with the Literature – Room 102, Murray Library
  • Feb 10 – EndNote Desktop – Room 1430, Health Sciences   Library
  • Feb 12 – Searching for Grey Literature – Room 102, Murray Library
  • Feb 24 – Mendeley – Room 145, Murray Library
  • Feb 26 – Why and How to Do a Comprehensive Literature Review Part A – Room 161, Murray Library
  • Mar 3 – Zotero – Room 145, Murray Library
  • Mar 5 – Why and How to Do a Comprehensive Literature Review Part B – Room 161, Murray Library
  • Mar 10 – RefWorks – Room 161, Murray Library
  • Mar 12 – 10 Government Research Tips You Need to Know – Room 102, Murray Library
  • Mar 17 – EndNote Overview – Room 1430, Health Sciences Library
  • Mar 19 – Using the DiRT (Digital Research Tools) Directory in your Research – Room 102, Murray Library
  • Mar 24 – RefWorks – Room 161, Murray Library
  • Mar 26 – Research Data Management – Room 102, Murray Library


Yesterday PEGASUS once again hosted information workshop, from 5:00-6:00pm in Physics 175, for the purposes discussing NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) funding opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate Physics students. Thank you to all the students who participated this year!

A copy of the workshop presentation is available at this link. If you are interested in graduate studies or research be sure to get in contact with the Physics and Engineering Physics department! You can talk to the secretaries in the main office, Andrei Smolyakov, Sasha Koustov, or PEGASUS.

Remember, if you are an undergraduate student interested in research, talk to some professors in an area of study you find interesting, and apply for an USRA! They are easy to apply for and applications are often very successful.

Physics Graduate Classes

It’s that time of year again where we all need to start thinking about the courses that we need to enrol in. The Physics department has done a great job of getting all of the courses to be offered up on PAWS.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out which courses are being offered and have a discussion with your supervisor. Some of the courses offered in Term 1 include: Condensed Matter Physics 1, Radiophysics of the Upper Atmosphere, and Electrodynamics.

Travel Funding for CAP Congress 2014

Attention to all P&EP Grad Students. If you are presenting at the 2014 CAP Congress, held June 16-20 at Laurentian University, the department will provide funding towards your travel expenses up to $500.  The amount provided will depend on how many students are going.

Go see Marj in the Physics office for further information if you are planning to attend

PEGASUS Summer Seminar Series (Updated)

The PEGASUS Summer Seminar Series is back! We are kicking off the first seminar today in fact. Below are the relevant details:

Speaker: Ronan Lefol
Location: Physics 175
Time: 3:30 May 08 2014

(Updated) Link to the presentation: here

Although observed in the 0 + → 0 + transition, the measurement for the two photon decay has not been accomplished in the situation of varying energy states. In this thesis, I develop upon the proceeding to prepare and develop the experimental procedures in order to measure the two photon decay. The end results demonstrate that, in order to obtain high quality and accurate results, the two photon decay will be observed using a 137 Cs source. The detector array will consist of 10 LaBr3 detectors paired in groups of two, centered around the source with a lead shield placed between each detector.

To see the other talks that will be happening, check here weekly on Wednesdays.

Questionable Posters

You may have noticed some “PegasUS Transformed” posters around campus and indeed online. They were recently brought to our attention.

To be clear, the “PegasUS Transformed” posters are in no way associated with the PEGASUS Academic Council. We are working to have these images removed. If you have any questions, comments, or relevant information, leave a comment below.

Congratulations to our prize winners!

The Canadian Association of Physicists held its Congress (annual meeting) in Calgary, AB, this year. There were over 100 talks contributed by students in all of the divisions within CAP. Three of our members received recognition for their talks within their division, and the top eight student talks were presented at the end of the conference for the best overall talk prize. The University of Saskatchewan was well represented at the CAP Congress meeting.

Gareth Perry – First, Division of Atmospheric and Space Physics, Honorable Mention (top 8 overall)
Yelu Liu – First, Division of Plasma Physics
Sarah Purdy – Second, Division of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

The next Congress will be at the Universite de Montreal, May 27-31, 2013