PEGASUS Student Summer Seminars 2013

This past summer PEGASUS once again hosted Student Summer Seminars. Thank you to all who presented and attended! You made this year’s seminar series a huge success.

Here is a list of presentations given this past summer:

  • John McLead — X-ray spectroscopy of many-layered pnictides
  • Grant Scoular — Polar Cap Pc3-4 waves using SuperDARN HF Radar
  • Sarah Purdy — Plasma ion implantation for Photonics: Silicon-based materials
  • Gareth Perry — A steady stream of overdense F-region plasma structures in the polar cap
  • Bassey Bassey — An emergent, integrative model of research ethics
  • Xue Yong — Theoretical study on extended phase of Carbon Dioxide
  • Mercedes Martison — Spectral K-edge subtraction X-ray imaging
  • Mohammed Kassem — Black hole thermodynamics in Ho’rava Lifshitz gravity
  • Greg Tomney — Inductive plasma current in Tokamaks and spherical Tokamaks
  • Dan Zawada — High resolution radiative transfer modelling with SASKTRAN


PEGASUS NSERC Information Workshop

Today PEGASUS hosted an information workshop, from 5:00-6:00pm in Physics 165, for the purposes discussing NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) funding opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate Physics students. Thank you to all the students who participated and made the workshop a success!

A copy of the workshop presentation is available at this link. If you are interested in graduate studies or research be sure to get in contact with the Physics and Engineering Physics department! You can talk to the secretaries in the main office, Andrei Smolyakov, Sasha Koustov, or PEGASUS.

Remember, if you are an undergraduate student interested in research, talk to some professors in an area of study you find interesting, and apply for an USRA! They are easy to apply for and applications are often very successful.