PEGASUS Student Summer Seminars 2013

This past summer PEGASUS once again hosted Student Summer Seminars. Thank you to all who presented and attended! You made this year’s seminar series a huge success.

Here is a list of presentations given this past summer:

  • John McLead — X-ray spectroscopy of many-layered pnictides
  • Grant Scoular — Polar Cap Pc3-4 waves using SuperDARN HF Radar
  • Sarah Purdy — Plasma ion implantation for Photonics: Silicon-based materials
  • Gareth Perry — A steady stream of overdense F-region plasma structures in the polar cap
  • Bassey Bassey — An emergent, integrative model of research ethics
  • Xue Yong — Theoretical study on extended phase of Carbon Dioxide
  • Mercedes Martison — Spectral K-edge subtraction X-ray imaging
  • Mohammed Kassem — Black hole thermodynamics in Ho’rava Lifshitz gravity
  • Greg Tomney — Inductive plasma current in Tokamaks and spherical Tokamaks
  • Dan Zawada — High resolution radiative transfer modelling with SASKTRAN


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