Incomplete announcement regarding UPASS

A recent email message from University Announcements stated that there would be an opt-out period for the Summer UPASS. This information appears to be in conflict with previous announcements stating that the 2014 referendum results indicated that students did not support having a Summer UPASS. The following is for clarification.In 2013 the Graduate Students participated in a referendum, the majority voted “yes” to having a one year trial bus pass split into three terms, lasting from September 2013 to August 2014.
In 2014 there was another referendum to consider keeping the bus pass into the future, beginning at the end of the trial period. The questions were split into two parts, the majority voted yes for the fall/winter bus pass, and voted “no” for the summer pass.The bus pass you have now, and will have access to this summer is part of the TRIAL PERIOD.
The decisions made based on this year’s referendum will take effect in Sept 2014. There will be no summer UPASS in 2015.If you have questions about UPASS please contact ac.ksasunull@ssapu.asg, or ac.ksasunull@as.asg


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