Seminar Thursday Aug 21 – Lindsay Goodwin

Speaker: Lindsay Goodwin
Location: Physics 175
Time: 3:30, August 21 2014

Abstract: Multi-point in situ measurements from the Swarm spacecraft in a string-of-pearls configuration provide a novel tool to investigate the creation, transport, and evolution of polar cap patches. Swarm observes a sequence of density features being created and structured in the northern Scandinavian dayside cusp by particle impact ionization. These features become entrained in the polar-cap convection pattern, and evolve into lower-density polar cap patches. Equatorward, a long-lived and robust westward flow channel is seen eroding dayside plasma. This channel prevents the dayside solar-ionized plasma from directly entering the cusp precipitation region, but possibly allows for the creation of higher-density plasma further in the polar cap. These are the first observations of a series of patches entrained in the polar cap flow, on the way from their source (the cusp) to the nightside auroral oval.

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