Seminar Thursday Aug 07 – Jason Ho

Speaker: Jason Ho
Location: Physics 175
Time: 3:30pm, August 07 2014

Title: QCD sum-rules analysis of open-charm hybrid mesons

Abstract: We briefly discuss the development of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and introduce the concept of hadronic structures outside the quark model. Within this group of unconventional hadrons, of interest to us are hybrid mesons consisting of a quark-antiquark pair and a constituent gluon.
Through the use of QCD sum-rules, we intend to calculate the ground state mass of the D (charm quantum number c = \pm 1) and D_s (charm/strange quantum numbers c = s = \pm 1 ) hybrid mesons with exotic J^{PC} = 1^{-+} (spin J, parity P, and charge conjugation C), and present preliminary results.

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