Seminar Tuesday June 23 – Ashton Reimer

Speaker: Ashton Reimer
Location: Physics 175
Time: 23 June 2015 , 3:30

Measurement Techniques and Signal Processing with SuperDARN Radars

Abstract: Studying and understanding Geospace (Near-Earth Space) Weather is increasingly important as we consistently rely on more satellite based technologies like GPS. Magnetospheric and Ionospheric processes, like patches, or F-region irregularities can disrupt services like GPS. The Super Dual Aurora Radar Network (SuperDARN) radars are used to measure the magnetospheric plasma circulation via ionospheric F-region irregularities. Often these irregularities are overspread (long range: > 1000 km and high velocity: ~1 km/s), therefore SuperDARN radars employ a multi-pulse technique to overcome these range-doppler ambiguities. The accuracy and quality of the radar measurements primarily depends on the transmitted waveform and the signal processing techniques used on the received signal. In this talk I will briefly describe some different measurement techniques and fitting processes and present some of my work attempting to improve current operations.

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