Seminar Tuesday August 18 – Masaru Nakajima

Speaker: Masaru Nakajima
Location: Physics 175
Time: 3:30 August 18, 2015

Geodesic acoustic mode in STOR-M

Abstract: Our study pertains to plasma physics in application for nuclear fusion energy. Numerous instabilities and turbulent transport have plagued fusion devices such as tokamak, and their cause and effect are topics of active research today. My topic, geodesic acoustic mode (GAM), falls under such a category of work. GAM was first predicted as a standing wave of density on flux surfaces in toroidal devices. The last two decades have seen observations of GAM in many toroidal devices and further development in its theory. The increasing interest in GAM is due to the roles that GAM can play in (in)stability, turbulent transport, and other oscillations.

Our focus is to detect GAM in SOTR-M device, the tokamak device at University of Saskatchewan, and study its behaviour under external effects such as electrode biasing. To date, we obtained a signature of GAM in our preliminary experiments. In my presentation I will discuss
basic plasma physics for GAM, our experiments and first findings.

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