Seminar Tuesday August 25 – Paul Smith

Speaker: Paul Smith
Location: Physics 175
Time: August 25 2015

All dressed up and ready to go: a quick look at dressed fields.

Abstract: Exotic states not predicted by the conventional quark model, such as X(3872), have been discovered en masse over the past decade. Traditionally, exotic heavy-light diquark correlation functions formulated using Schwinger strings have been used to study these states. In this talk I explore the possibility of using a “dressed” field as an alternative means of gathering gauge-invariant information about diquark interactions.

Alternative Abstract: Join me on a magical journey through the realms of particle physics, quantum field theory, and locally gauge invariant fields! A brief gander through history will be taken as I look (very briefly) at the development of the standard model. The major players (gluons, pions, quarks, and more!) will be introduced in a casual, almost personal, fashion and their characteristics and interactions will be introduced. Of course, this will only be done after laying down a little bit of world-building through the establishment of some of the main components that drive the QCD life. Action and drama is the name of the game as the struggle for gauge invariant information is brought to a shocking conclusion.

Be there. Experience QCD, gauges, and Bohr bashing like never before (In all reality, it’ll probably just be a generic grad student seminar, but let’s keep that on the dl).

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