PEGASUS Seminar Series: The ICEBEAR Radar – Hardware and Capabilities (Devon Huyghebaert)

Our first speaker for the PEGASUS summer student seminar series is Devon Huyghebaert, whose research utilizes the ICEBEAR radar system. Please join us this Tuesday at 3:00 pm in the lounge for cookies and refreshments beforehand.

Title: The ICEBEAR Radar – Hardware and Capabilities

Abstract: Ionospheric radars will be discussed, with a focus on E-region radars and the new ICEBEAR radar.
The talk will delve into the workings of radar systems and signal processing, culminating with an introduction to the ICEBEAR radar.  How are radio waves affected by plasma?  What can we learn by probing a plasma hundreds of kilometers away using radio waves?  What hardware is required in an advanced digital radio/radar system to transmit and receive radio signals?  What does ICEBEAR stand for?  These all important questions will be answered at the seminar.

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