PEGASUS Seminar Series: Space Weather – Finding Field-Aligned Currents during Substorms (Gaelene Lerat)

Please join us this coming Tuesday for our next presentation in our PEGASUS Summer Seminar Series.
Our next speaker is Gaelene Lerat, who investigates atmospheric plasma dynamics utilizing both satellites from the AMPERE project as well as SuperDARN data.
Please join us this Tuesday at 3:00 pm in the lounge for cookies and refreshments beforehand.

Title:  Space Weather: Finding Field-Aligned Currents during Substorms

Abstract: Near-Earth space is a region whose dynamics are best described by plasmas and the currents they form.  To understand the chain of events that leads to space weather phenomena, the connections of the solar wind to the magnetosphere to the ionosphere by such currents need to be understood.  In particular, during substorms currents are formed between the magnetosphere and the ionosphere, and a view of incoming and outgoing currents would illustrate the structure of what is called the substorm current wedge.  Two scientific tools are considered to do just that in this presentation: the magnetometers aboard the Iridium satellite constellation in the AMPERE project and the radar network SuperDARN.  A comparison between AMPERE and SuperDARN methods will be given, as well as the results for a superposed epoch analysis for AMPERE (SuperDARN results up-and-coming).   

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