PEGASUS Seminar Series: 1^{-+} Light Hybrid Mesons and QCD Sum Rules (Zhuoran Huang)

Please join us this Tuesday, July 5th in Physics 175 for our next presentation in our PEGASUS Summer Seminar Series.
Our next speaker is a visiting doctoral candidate, Zhuoran Huang, who studies exotic hadronic structures beyond the quark model.
There will be cookies and refreshments served beforehand at 3:00 pm in the lounge for those attending the seminar.
Title: 1^{-+} Light Hybrid Mesons and QCD Sum Rules

There is intense activity in the search of glueballs, light hybrids and multiquark states, either as supernumerary states with ordinary quantum numbers JPC, or as genuine exotics with JPC that cannot be matched by ordinary quantum numbers. In particular, evidence has been found for 1-+ states between 1 and 2 GeV by VES at Serpukhov, by E852 at Brookhaven, and by COMPASS at CERN, and the search continues at JLab by GLUEX. The structure of these states are still ambiguous. Four-quark states and hybrid states are the most possible explanations. To study these non-qq resonances beyond the conventional quark model, the Wilson coefficients of dimension-8 condensate contribution to the current-current correlator of 1−+ light hybrid current gq(x)γνiGμν(x)q(x) are calculated. With inclusion of these higher-power corrections and updating the input parameters,  the mass of the 1−+ light hybrid meson are re-analyzed from Monte-Carlo based QCD sum rules. In this talk, the basic idea of the quark model and QCD sum rules will be briefly reviewed and then the results of calculation and numerical analysis will be presented.

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