PEGASUS Seminar Series: P-block elements – the next generation (Thomas Tolhurst)

Please join us this Tuesday, July 12th in Physics 126 (please note the temporary room number change!for our next presentation in our PEGASUS Summer Seminar Series.
Our next speaker is Thomas, who studies the properties of materials using computational methods and experimental techniques such as soft x-ray spectroscopy.
There will be cookies and refreshments served beforehand at 3:00 pm in the lounge for those attending the seminar.
Title: P-block elements – the next generation

Soft x-ray spectroscopy is an experimental technique that provides a unique perspective on many
important material properties. When combined with first principles electronic structure calculations, everything from the bulk band gap, to site-specific charge densities can be determined and understood. This talk will look at the application of these techniques to several technologically important nitrides and oxides, and emphasize how they can provide information on the structure-property relationships that are key to engineering new materials

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