PEGASUS Seminar Series: The hidden world – Higgs, dark matter and conformal symmetry (Zhi-Wei Wang)

Please join us this Tuesday, July 19th in Physics 175 for our next presentation in our PEGASUS Summer Seminar Series.
Our next speaker is Zhi Wei Wang, who investigates models to solve important problems in physics including dark matter.
There will be cookies and refreshments served beforehand at 3:00 pm in the lounge for those attending the seminar
Title:The hidden world: Higgs, dark matter and conformal symmetry
Abstract: This talk will address the two most important topics in particle physics in the LHC era: Higgs and dark matter. The Higgs mass suffers from the well-known hierarchy/naturalness problem and a custodial symmetry is needed. In this talk, I will show conformal symmetry as a non-conventional custodial symmetry protects the Higgs mass from UV sensitivity. In addition, the Standard Model with hidden sector extensions provide ideal dark matter candidates and interesting collider signatures. Combining the idea of conformal symmetry and hidden sectors, I will introduce the conformally-symmetric hidden sector where both the hierarchy problem and dark matter are addressed.

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