PEGASUS Seminar Series: Exact Solutions to Einstein-Maxwell theory (Vineet Kumar)

Please join us this Tuesday, July 26 in Physics 175 for our next presentation in our PEGASUS Summer Seminar Series.
Our next speaker is Vineet Kumar, who studies electromagnetic behaviour in curved spacetime.
There will be cookies and refreshments served beforehand at 3:00 pm in the lounge for those attending the seminar.
Title: Exact Solutions to Einstein-Maxwell theory
Abstract: We construct explicit analytical exact solutions to the four and higher dimensional Einstein-Maxwell theory. All solutions are constructed by embedding a solution to Einstein equations in higher dimensions. Several solutions will be briefly discussed including two helicoidal solutions, one embedding Schwarzschild and one embedding the Eguchi-Hanson space. In the case of the Eguchi-Hanson embedded solution, we find that the solutions can be extended to non-stationary exact solutions to Einstein-Maxwell theory with cosmological constant and that the solutions are asymptotically expanding patches of de-Sitter spacetime.

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