Plasma Ion Implantation for materials engineering

Who (supervisor): Sarah Purdy (Michael Bradley)
Venue: PEGASUS Student Summer Seminar, June 21, 2012.

Plasma Ion Implantation is a materials processing technique that can be used to modify the surface and subsurface structure of a material. A voltage bias applied to a conductive target immersed in plasma introduces a buried layer of impurities in the existing material. This processing technique has been applied to the modification of Si to produce silicon-based light emitting diodes (LEDs) with some success. Bulk silicon is not a light emitter due to its indirect band gap, but any photonic integration for multicore processing needs to be silicon based in order to be scalable for mass production. The work presented here is based on introducing carbon to a silicon wafer to introduce a buried layer of SiC – a known blue light emitter. With the introduction of a buried layer with significantly different stoichiometry from the native material, we see the appearance of delaminated blister features in the layer.

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