Checklists for New Students

The checklists on this page are based on feedback provided by graduate students. These are provided with the intent to offer some guidance to new students on what they may generally need to do when they first apply to the University and are accepted. Some items will be more relevant to international students. There are Academic and Non-Academic checklists:

Academic List:

  1. Receive formal acceptance
  2. Next get a study permit
  3. Enrollment with the University (courses, etc.)
  4. Sign a department contract
  5. Meet your supervisor
  6. Obtain your office keys
  7. Go on a department tour
  8. Set up your office space (computer, unpack books, etc.)
  9. Pay tuition (either as a lump sum or via monthly installments)

Non-Academic List:

  1. Obtain your study permits
  2. Figure out how you will get to the University before arriving (for example, transport from the Airport)
  3. Determine where you will live (accommodation) before arriving in Saskatoon. For information on accomodations, see the Student Resources page
  4. Sign and obtain a copy of the U of S Department Contract to have proof of enrollment/employment. Get a physical copy mailed to your residence address in Saskatoon. This can be used for proof of residence for a bank account.
    1. The idea here is that once you are enrolled, you can get a U of S Student ID and then a UPASS bus pass
  5. Apply for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN). There is a notary in the Peter McKinnon building who can sign documents. You can get your SIN on Preston Avenue (use your UPASS to get there).
  6. Get a bank account (there is a Royal Bank, RBC near the University), make a small initial deposit so that you can get a bank statement for proof of residence
  7. Get Saskatchewan ID (need 2 document that prove residence in Saskatchewan, hence the suggestion to have a bank statement and physical mailed copy of the proof of enrollment/employment)
  8. Obtain a Saskatchewan Health Card
  9. Optionally, get a credit card from your bank
  10. Optionally, obtain a cell phone (may need a credit card)

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